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Less Guilt Maccaroni and Cheese


                                                 Lower Calorie and Fat Maccaroni and Cheese


 When I got my first Microwave Oven back in 1982 it was huge! I never did use the convection part but a friend gave me recipe for Macc and Cheese that I still use to this day. (In fact I just sent it to my Brother in CA)

I'm actually making it tonight! It's a life saver when you need to put something on the table fast!

I have substituted the Milk with Low Sodiun and Low Fat Chicken Broth. Believe won't miss it! . At times I will substitute 1/2 cup of the liquid with 1/2 can diced tomatoes! If you like a crunchy top....just put your buttered breadcrumbs or crushed potato chips on the finished product and put it under the broiler till browned. 

   Microwave Macaroni and Cheese (6 servings)

    3 C cooked macaroni

   3 Tbl. Butter

   3 Tbl. Flour

   ½ tsp Salt

   dash pepper

   2 C Milk (I use chicken stock)

   2 C (8oz) shredded Cheddar


   1-Melt butter in a 2quart glass casserole in Microwave (about 1 min. on High)

   2-Add flour, salt and pepper: mix well. Add milk (broth) gradually, stirring constantly. Cook uncovered (6 minutes at High)-stir every 2 minutes

   3-Add cheese to sauce; stir. Cook uncovered in Microwave (1 min @ High)

   4-Add cooked macaroni to sauce; mix. Cook uncovered in Microwave (8 min. @ Medium-High(1/2 power)) stir halfway through cooking.

    Let stand a minute or two before serving








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