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Time To Take A Road Trip!!




As reluctant as I am to say goodbye to Summer....the choice is not mine!
Hearing the August crickets is the warning...Winter is coming, Winter is coming!

The dread is tempered by anticipation. The anticipation of the Beauty of Fall.

This years peak was beautiful and the weather was perfect. My husband and I each grabbed a camera and went off for a day of "leaf peeping" and exploration.
No matter how many years we've repeated this ritual...It is a new and rewarding experience each time!


















NH's Four Seasons 

Joan Mirantz - Joni is a Realtor® with Homequest Real Estate, a locally owned, Customer Service oriented Firm.
Joan Publishes a monthly Newsletter "Food For Thought" under the pen name Realtor Sherpa.
(Joan also answers to Miz Maven and Miss Joni.)

Joan works in Buyer and Seller Representation with concentrations in the Merrimack Valley Area and towns surrounding Concord NH - the Capital City.
"I love what I do, and it shows in how I do it"

Having crossed over to the "other side of Middle Age" herself....Joan is an ongoing source of information about local programs, facilities and issues specific to her peers! 

Livin' the Life...and Ridin' the Wave



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Time To Take A Road Trip!!
As reluctant as I am to say goodbye to Summer… the choice is not mine! Hearing the August crickets is the warning… Winter is coming, Winter is coming! The dread is tempered by… more
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